everyday. o’l fashioned meets modern fun (ravine mavic style)

3pm is the best time to go into the ravine. It’s usually the warmest time of day. The light comes through beautifully as it sets. And it’s a great way to use up some extra energy and time before Matt comes home from work.

But this time, we had a weekend afternoon with all of us home, and we hollered over to the kids “let’s go for an adventure in the ravine and look for animal tracks!!” We all got our snowpants on and ventured down there. We saw 7 deer running, and even our first owl in a long time! We saw lots of tracks (and I then promptly requested a book from the library about that). And enjoyed playing with sticks and snow. Good o’l fashion fun.

Oh. There was one not old-fashioned moment of fun….. It was totally new-modern-fun.

YES. Matt brought down his new quad for his very first solo flight (in the hardest area possible). Some neighbors and their kiddos were exploring the ravine too — so they got to watch the flight!