everyday. the little moments that make up our kiddos lives right now

The kids have some pretty great moments, habits, or little quirks right now! This post may be long. This post may be boring. Or it may be hilarious and fascinating. It’s our everyday moments that if you mention it back to us, we’ll feel like you’re apart of our boring everyday because these are the hidden things that make up our lives right now.

Evy loves water. OH MY WORD. Water, in any container, or out of a container. Here, she is using a squirt bottle (which we gave for her to clean the table), to clean the entire kitchen…and herself. If you wonder why we have so many kitchen towels in our laundry baskets, she is the reason.

Ethan loves playing with his PlayMobile set. It’s firefighters, and he combines various other vehicles from our playroom to creatively play. He does this completely independently which is fabulous! (well, I did “create” some play fire him which was super fun)

Evy twirls her hair. Twirls. And Twirls. Probably how she gets all her curls. And usually when she’s falling asleep or waking up.

Both our kids love to color with markers. In fact it’s all they use. We have some really good activity books, coloring books, and the simple “print out from the computer”. It’s been so fun to watch Evy start to color her pictures in specific spots and become more controlled with her coloring!

Ethan draws pictures for people and mails them. He always picks what he writes and what he draws and who it goes to. I really really really want to edit some part of his choice sometimes, but I always go with it.

Evy loves to play pretend with her baby. And she equally loves to play with these pretend cookies in our play kitchen. It’s something she repeats over, and over, and over!

Painting may seem overwhelming with young kids. But if you prepare for a mess. And some time to clean up. It’s really doable. Plus. I want our kids to have an abundance of arts and creativity in their childhood. It was one of the many things I so appreciated my parents doing for us as kids and I hope to carry on that tradition!

Evy has a strong daddy-preference. In fact. Bedtime without daddy (such as nights he’s gone for tennis), actually equals Ethan putting her to bed. Because if I make a move towards her, she collapses facedown on the kitchen floor — stands up with the face of a silent cry — and gasps out “dee dee. dee dee put ebby night night and boookkks!” Yup. Ethan totally carries her everywhere until bedtime and then does it all. She’ll kiss me goodnight. Done.

Evy is completely and utterly obssessed with building a 10 block tower with these blocks (a friend brought them from Germany for her!!). She loves it. Over. and Over. Again.

For at least 2 years Ethan has loved legos. In the last year, his building has morphed into that older-kid engineering of his own designs. And complex airplanes all made out of duplos are usually what he walks out of the playroom to show us!

There are a lot of little things about us adults that make up our everyday that we don’t document. But it’s all there

  • Late night tennis outings for Matt with his coworkers
  • The thankless job of hours of laundry, kitchen clean up, and meal prep everyweek
  • My long commute in listening to “The Happy Hour” podcast
  • Matt’s 445am work out regimen he commits to 7 days a week for the last 3 years
  • Ethan’s inability to be on a floor all by himself, which means we cuddle up on the bed with our headphones in the evening watching Agents of Shield or Brooklyn 99 together.
  • The feeling of relief and excitement when our weekly babysitter shows up and we can enjoy an evening together with friends
  • The mundane but refocusing task of the 31st of every month doing the budget for the next month and making choices
  • About once a month I browse Amazon for new books or “Modern Mrs. Darcy” for some recommendations and see if I can hold them at the library!

So there it is. It’s not always sexy or perfect. But the flow of our everyday life in this season of life is one that will fade away. And this way. I’ll remember it. Bless