in motion. some random videos to watch this weekend

Hi yall!! In case you had nothing to do for a few minutes this weekend and want to enjoy some live-action moments of our family… are some for your amusement.

This 3 minute video is perfectly our life. Enjoy the companionship and affection. The communication. The moodswings. Ethan offers forgiveness without a sorry. Evy offers a sorry without a prompt. The improved calm patience Ethan has with Evy (and dude, he DID give her like several redirections). And the ending. Well. Welcome to our life. (and they put their chairs together like that randomly on their own. I had nothing to do with that).

Next. Enjoy a few minutes of the Evster. She’s just a little nugget. And fierce. And exhausting. And adorable. All rolled into one.

Oh. And since we were out of the country for Evy’s birthday, her Nana took it upon herself to give her the cutest most perfect birthday ever. And they recorded it. Bless. (yes, Evy’s in the same shirt even though totally different days. in case that was totally confusing. ha!)

We let our kids experience meal prep with raw chicken and raw eggs. Because when baked coconut chicken is on the menu, if we have enough adults around to help supervise….then we’re SO saying yes!

A month ago we brought the kids to the “indoor roller-coasters” after Ethan spent 6 months earning enough money to pay for an unlimited wristband. Thank goodness we got Evy one too because she LOVED it. OH MY. And um, Ethan can now do most of the big ones. We quickly found out we don’t have the stamina for most of those. They did over 5 hours (with a rest in the middle). So here is 5 minutes, you don’t even need to watch it all. The first 30 seconds of evy is the best. Little girl, you are fabulous.






In Motion