companions. we brought them kicksledding

While Peter and Christina (26 weeks prego with twins) were visiting for our sister’s wedding, we capitalized on a 15 degree, no wind no clouds winter morning….and did some kicksledding together yesterday morning.

Oh. It was everything we wanted. To be TOGETHER!!

So this was our second time, and their first time using kicksleds.

They still don’t steer. At. All.

BUT. If you hit the hill’s just right you can glide down the snow super smooth and with some pretty good speed. More than the actual movement, it’s just plain fun to do!!!!

After a long weekend full of people, Ethan and Evy were a little maxed out. So this was actually a good way to try to “reset” them a bit with some outdoor time. Some space in the outdoors does ALL our souls good.


It’s true.

Each year has been so distinct with life stage, our age, our schooling and work, our location, our kid’s ages, the people in our life….etc etc. But this winter we feel like we’re finally starting to kinda climb out of the life we’ve slid and settled into the last four years (out of necessary with new babies and young children of course). We feel like we’re kinda clumsily but slowly climbing  up. We’re NOT climbing up to the people we were efore. The 5 years ago us. We’re not the same people and never will be when we were in our 20s and not parents. Instead, we’re climbing up slowly slowly to the new version of us. And it’s kinda exhausting and kinda amazing all at once to rediscover the new us.

There is no way we could do this alone. We have so many powerful influences on our lives, and probably a small circle of 8-10 people that really really are OUR cheerleaders. And here are 2 of them.

And a note about Peter and Evy. They’re kinda a big thing. Like she PREFERRED Peter over me OR even MATT all weekend. Bedtime. Naps. Playing. Owys. All of it. They’re kinda buddies. And she says his name “Petooo”. It’s adorable.

Find some space to breathe.

Find your people to breathe with.

And enjoy a moment together outside sometime.

That hour just may be your favorite one of the week.