reader. winter 2017

I’ve read SO MANY GOOD BOOKS over the last few months! I read during my lunch break. And in the evenings, or when I’m in bed. I’m constantly looking at reading lists and recommendations for my next books. Reading is my biggest hobby. And I can’t wait for the stack of books for the next few months!!

Made Well: finding wholeness in the everyday sacred moments by Jennie Simmons. If I had a most recent favorite book it’s this one. I will admit the writing stalls a few times during the narrative, but I loved the message so much I eagerly read it in three days. I think it’s really timely for what’s been going on in my brain which is why it spoke to me so strongly.

The Broken Way: a daring path into the abundant life by Anne Voskamp. This book I read slowly. One chapter every night. Because it’s like poetry. It’s unlike anything I’ve read before. It’s slow and deep and thick and poetic.

Mentor for Life: finding purpose through intentional discipleship by Natasha Robinson. This book (similar to Multiply by Francis Chan), approaches discipleship in a completely everyday-easy-to-understand topic. In fact, this book is really geared towards leaders — who want to equipt 4-6 other leaders to do the same. It’s filled with examples, questions after each chapter, and addresses the age-old-dreaded question of how evangelism and discipleship overlap.

Hope Heals: a true story of overwhelming loss and overcoming love by Katherine Wolf. How would you have hope, keep faith, at 30 years old, with a husband and an infant, if you suddenly become trapped inside your body after a stroke? Mentally the same, but physically frozen and disabled? This memoir is incredible. I saw her speak in-front of thousands at IF Gathering 2 years ago and I’ve been waiting for her book that told the story. Wow.

Raising an Original: parenting each child according to their unique God-given temperament by Juley Lyles Carr. Add this to your list of great parenting books. Not because it offered any new information, but because it was just organized and worded really really well. It’s purposeful parenting, as a christian parent. It’s just so good.

The Art of Neighboring: building genuine relationships right outside your door by Jay Pathak. I took notes during this entire book, and did the discussion questions, and was filled of honest-to-goodness fabulous ideas about being a neighbor. You gotta read the entire thing. Because it cover every corner, every aspect, every issue, every struggle. It’s a must read!!

Just Mercy: a story of justice and redemption by Bryan Stevenson. On my list of books to better understand and appreciate racial disparity in our country. This author, a lawyer, tells his stories  of the unjust sentencing practices in our country. The writing is fabulous, descriptive, and draws you into the real stories. Eye opening.

Ruined: memoir by Ruth Everhart. One evening at a small Midwestern Christian college, two armed intruders broke into the house Ruth Everhart shared with her roommates, held all five girls hostage, and took turns raping them at gunpoint. Reeling with fear and guilt, Ruth believed she was ruined, both physically and in the eyes of God. This books tells her story. I read it in one night. It’s honest but really readable. And instead of feeling exhausted at the end of it, it’s inspiring and reflective. I was hesitant at first given the topic of her story, but I am so glad I read it.

Love Warrior: a memoir by Glennon Doyle Melton. This books is aggressive, vulgar, and very adult. But it is a fascinating read. She recalls, in a form she can only write, her experience of her marriage. Eating disorder. Affairs. Addictions. Her self-discovery after the implosion of her marriage. For me, the story telling was so vivid it actually really helped me relate to the feelings of many patients I have struggling with these intense situations. It brings up hard questions about faith, marriage, love, and worth.

Little House Living: the make-your-own guide to a frugal, simple, and self-sufficient life by Merissa Alink. The title says it’s all. If you have a library, check this out. It’s inspiring and interesting to read what you can all make in your own home! It’s improbable to make it all, but I just love reading this sort of book!