what we’re into right now. podcasts

Are you a podcast listener??

I was leery because I just can’t do audio books. I just can’t. I’d rather have the REAL book in my hands. Audio books are so long. Even the comedy ones, or biographies, or fiction. I’ve tried, many times. So when I heard podcasts were all the rage I thought – “neh”.

But here’s the thing. Podcasts are like audio-blogs. They’re focused and shorter. Usually posted once or twice a week. Usually more conversational. I have a long commute to work three times a week and these have quickly become a new favorite. Or during my lunch break. Or even at bedtime.

I have the free podcast app on my phone and I can search, download, subscribe to any ones I like (always for FREE!)

My Favorites?

Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. This is my top favorite. I LOVE all the women she “interviews” (many of my mentors such as Jo Saxon, Shauna Niquest, Jen Hatmaker, Jennie Allen, Noonday collection. SO MANY!). Plus I get to hear about new interesting things and people!! Each week she invites a girlfriend to join her and they chat about the big things in life, the little things in life, and everything in between. Topics include marriage, faith, children, parenting, sorrow, grief, joy, justice, books, it’s endless. This one with Jo Saxon was my most recent favorite. OH and this one with Becky Kiser I really loved. They’re all good. SO good.

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller – This one I’ve sent to about four people. He goes around and talks to some of the top business leaders (Dave Ramsey, leader of Chick Fillet, top restaurant owners, athletes, CEOs, etc) and talks to them about customer services, business, and people skills. This one has has a collection of their top interview clips of 2016 which will give you a taste of what it’s like. And believe me, whether you have interest in businesses or not, this is really intriguing!

Sports and the Gospel Part 1. This is a stand alone one I came across and it changed us. It’s an hour long sermon by David Platt, and worth EVERY MINUTE (and you gotta listen to the end!). I think everyone, everyone should listen to this. I’ve never heard a sermon specifically on sports. It’s part of the podcast Radical with David Platt. This is really just a collection of his sermons in one place. OH MY WORD. And his perspective is fascinating, and prompted HUGE discussions with Matt and I. You should give it a listen!