everyday. we check out a lot of library books

A HUGE part of our lives with our kids is reading books.

We have about 15 books in the backseat of the car for kids to look at.

We have books in the playroom, family room, usually one under the kitchen table, and a handful in our closet (you know, for them to read while we get ready in PEACE AND QUIET every morning. Sure.)

Evy reads books with us (and looks at them by herself) intermittently throughout the day in the playroom and around the house. She gets 1 book prior to rest time (nap if she will). And then she gets a stack of them before bedtime up in her room.  Evy’s newest favorite is Pete the Cat (White Shoes; and Buttons!) and she reads it outloud (literally) and even sings the song! She recently has constantly requested Curious George.

Ethan looks at books for his 45 minutes rest time after lunch. And then we do anywhere from 5 to 12 books cuddled up in his bed at bedtime.

Here’s the thing. After 3-5 days of reading the books, Ethan knows them by heart; as in can repeat the story almost word for word. Truly. So we have a lot of book turn over to keep life interesting. But there is NO WAY I can hit the library every week.

THUS. Once a month; I go to the library and check out about 100 books (no kidding). I come home and I organize into 10 stacks of 10. I put 10 books in his room, and line up the rest of the stacks in a closet; ready to “swap” out when we’re ready. Most of them people don’t put on hold so I can even renew them for up to 3 months (if we wanted)!

So what do I grab?!?! I usually grab 10 books of Piggie Elephant, Curious George, Pete the Cat, “if you give a mouse a cookie” series, Winnie the Pooh, I spys — and then I have several picture book series of sports, careers, cultures, etc that I grab from too. And of course any classics I see; I grab. I spread them out so there are 1-2 books from each category in each pile. And I know it’s a win!!

And the trick? He doesn’t get to see the books I pick out. These pictures when we were returning SOME of them. See??? A LOT OF BOOKS!!

img_7533 img_7534