everyday. the ravine covered in snow (with companions)

IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!! 6 inches of the softest, lightest, fluffiest snow came. The first of the winter!!! And it made the backyard a winter wonderland. Now that I feel like I “know the land of the ravine”, I feel confident in exploring it in the winter months. Not only are the deer everywhere to watch, but it is super peaceful, almost sabbath-like.

Our friends Paul and Sarah and kiddos had come over for some sledding and they adventured down into the ravine with us for the first time. These companions of ours are the kindest, most peaceful people we know. They approach their children and faith and life with such contentment, realism, and hopefulness…that it just contagious to be with them! BLISS. You guys. I can’t even believe how beautiful it is. Welcome Winter!

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