dear daughter. 22.5 months old


Dearest Evy

In 6 weeks you are going to be TWO years old! I can’t even get over that. But in many ways, it is so obviously clear you are almost two. Your words have exploded in the last few weeks. You’re putting together 4 word sentences, telling us constantly what’s going on, telling us “no” and asking “why” a hundred times a day. “dee-dee nigh-night too” (your way of saying Ethan is sleeping now too). “dee-dee bat too bat too” (your way of saying you want Ethan to take a bath with you too).

I am so excited because in the last month some patterns have started to emerge that may be starting to give hints of your inner self. You kinda have a few strong areas, and a few obvious tendencies.

  • Activity — you are SO active. Trying to scooter, riding burleys and kayaks and wagons, sleds, fast slides and swings. Throwing balls down the stairs, chasing you around the house. Your giggle goes crazy! You are very content to walk everywhere (and thus we are done with strollers!! Hallelujah!!). Anything outside  you find pleasure in.
  • Creative — you adore anything with crafts– coloring (with markers only, no crayon love for you), cutting with kiddo scissors, painting, gluing
  • Water — playing in the sink, helping with dishes, exchanging water, drinking water, bath, swimming….it’s all a HUGE joy for you!
  • Tenderness — you love to cuddle and play “nigh night”
  • Fierceness — you scream, you wrestle, you throw things, you pull and laugh and giggle with all your might. You do everything loudly and with passion.
  • Insistence — oh my gosh you are currently very strong willed. You don’t really give in to “if this than this” parenting techniques. You stay in bed at night, calling out our name (dadeeeeeeeeeeEE) not upset or crying, just yelling it — for an HOUR straight. You definitely insist very toddlerish on everything “MY SELF!” which is everything from potty to shoes to pouring milk.
  • Reading — you love to sit and look at books, the “blueberry” book is your favorite (“more bootttyy!!).
  • Exploring — you are oddly independent in areas you can “explore”. Such as if you play in the car free-range-style. Or are given mom’s purse. Or if you’re in the ravine in the backyard. You get into a zone and are very happy just doing your own thing.

If daddy is an option, you are definitely daddy preference over the last 6 months. If it’s just mama you are totally fine; but wowza. Once daddy is home everything else is thrown aside and you don’t leave his side for a second.

We put a rose-bow or side pony in your hair to sweep aside your bangs. And this week we braided the side of your bangs for the first time! So cute. You wear leggings and long shirts everyday. You are fiercely independent but equally always want to be by people.

You have started to sing (“happy to yooouuuu. happy to yoouuuu”). And count to three. And recognize colors. And speak in longer sentences (“mama watch, lellow bus! dee dee lellow bus too!”)

Maybe the most amazing thing about you is that your simple presence brings us joy. Your grin and giggle and dimple. Your adorable face and hair and tiny being. We often just look at you, and smile. This sense of love and peace and calm comes over us when we see you. And it’s truly a joy being your parents.

love you so much

mom and dad