everyday. that trip to colorado with a scooter

WE’RE BAAAACCKK!!! Right to it then.

Ethan is terrible walker.

It’s true.

It’s like he walks 20 feet and then his legs or brain gives up.

But he can scooter or bike or…..(name other option here) for hours without a problem.

So when we saw Colorado weather over our Thanksgiving trip was 60 and sunny YOU BET we packed his scooter with us!

(Evy on the other hand LOVES to walk. walk walk walk. Bless you girl).

We may or may not have tried to go to a playground during our trip and it was under construction. And there may or may not have been a scooter park right there. And we may or many not have looked at each other and said “let’s have E try it!” (even after my brain saw a million scenarios of Ethan breaking an arm — but he didn’t. So).

He was hesitant at first. But he quickly became in his element. And what he REALLY wanted to do was go up the “big ones’ (ooooffff course he did). He failed. Almost every time. But he got right up and tried again. No whine. No fuss. No frustration. It was amazing. (and yes, there is a video at the end to show you that).

img_7746 img_7753 img_7757 img_7760 img_7765 img_7866

Before we move on the REAL reason for our trip; for your viewing pleasure…….

But obviously we did not go to Colorado to scooter. We came to see our people. Look at how HANDSOME these two are!!! WOW.

img_7937 img_7939 img_7942 img_7952 img_7958 img_7959

We didn’t drive to the mountains this time, we enjoyed them from afar. We had no big plans, we just enjoyed the days together.  What it resulted in??? A fabulous trip with so many with fabulous moments.

Also. As always, the kids never switched the hour time zone difference. Which meant 6pm bedtimes and 5am wake ups. Which translated to adult-time for hours at night and wwaaaayyyy too early wake ups. But our hosts totally went with it and made forts and played Guess Who and colored endlessly and threw rocks in ponds and cuddled and read books and made us amazing food. These are our people!

img_8080 img_8096 img_8100 img_8105img_8138

OH OH OH! Almost forgot this part.

SO. As you know Ethan loves to take photos. We figured he could get one of the 4 of us (adults only). BUT. Evy, by this time in the trip and in the evening, REFUSED to leave Matt’s side arms one-inch-away-from-his face. He couldn’t even put her DOWN.

Enjoy these. YES we are doing so cute “surprise happy’ faces with my gorgeous prego sister. And yes, Evy photo bombs everyone in a full out tantrum because Matt isn’t holding her. True life.

img_8118 img_8120 img_8121

We love you guys!