companions. our life group


Let me introduce you to the people in our life group. It’s a group of friends that we have met with twice a month for many years to talk about Jesus, life, family, and purpose. It’s a group of people we all line up sitters for so we can talk late into the night. It’s a group of people that have experienced life together – from births to family changes to struggles to fear to jobs to school to work. It’s a group of people who have different ideas, different interpretations, different experiences. It’s a group of people who lean into the differences without fear. It’s a group of people who speak truth, question, implement, adore, and love.

Paul and Sarah = Sincere. Generous. Humble. Real. Caring. Kind. Creative.

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Brian and Jennie = Genuine. Committed. Loyal. Smart. Faithful. Determined. Sacrificial. 

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Brian and Michelle = Wise. Honest. Joyful. Truthful. Sincere. Present. Brave.

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And may I just say, this tribe did not come together overnight. We’ve kinda shifted, adjusted, and snuggled into each other slowly over the last several years. It’s more than just a friendship — this group understands the love we give each other not only strengthens one another, but also strengthens the group. It’s a deeper companionship. It’s about giving to each other.

It’s worth it. It’s worth the investment of babysitters and the “inconvenience” of deep friendships. (time, energy, planning, flexibility, etc). I urge you to be the first to reach out. Pursue others. It’s how humans feel loved. It is how we were designed to live. Community is life. And we can give witness that we have experienced the best types of the deepest of friendships first hand.

And it’s not just for adults. Or adult-influence on our kids (which is a HUGE part of it). It’s also the adopted siblings they get from loving their friends!

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So YES. YES. Friends are the best. We several circles of family and friends, both near and far, that impact our lives in different capacities — and this circle of our local life group is a must invest in for us!