iphoneography. the mamaday modpodge (and lots of videos)

Those of you who have known me for a while, you know I have wanderlust. This desire to change things, and move, and travel. And that is all TRUE. Those things energize me in ways I can’t even fully describe! We just re-purposed our basement and even though it was basic changes, some nails, and a rearranged room — it felt like this HUGE renovation that has bettered our life.

I dreaded buying a home for many years because the idea of permanency was the opposite of my wanderlust that was created inside of me.


I will be the first to eagerly admit I now EQUALLY LOVE staying in our home. Just having a full week of nothing other than our “routine” is calming and peaceful. Even more of a surprise, I am content to stay at home ALL DAY on a mamaday (with littles and babes this felt like death to me). But now, the kids are so content with the mundane home and yard activities, it’s actually really nice.

We will so do something extra just to break up the day. Friends. Or a simple visit to a park. We can bike to many (and with this odd warm November weather we’ve used the bikes and burley often!) and our neighborhood park is still our closest option.


And there are also tons of local parks we can drive to quickly with great trails and playgrounds.


Watch them at the parks and paths together. Their giggles and joy will often last for hours together!


Oh and after the park, I realized how filthy the car was. We already put away the hoses at the house, so we drove to fill the car with gas for the week and decided to grab a carwash as well (never done this with the kids. in fact if you know me, you know I despise carwashes. closed spaces are not my happy place. but i braved it and tried it). Well. Unknown to me, ethan announced as we’re pulling in “EVY is scared of these! We did dis with daddy with the colors and Evy was very very scared. It’s Otay Evy I’ll hold your hand”. Ok buddy. Thanks for telling me this after the fact….and thank you for being so kind. (his comfort at the end….bless).

But my FAVORITE moment??

430pm. I start dinner and I just hear uncontrolled giggling. I walk around the house and find them throwing balls to (at?) each other on the stairs … and creating giggles like I’ve only dreamt about as a mama.

Darling Evy. Your laugh is heaven.

Happy MamaMonday!