everyday. the halloween experience

Celebrating Halloween is something we talked a lot about this year. It’s one thing to do it with a cute baby, and another thing to just skip it with a toddler a few years due to bedtimes. It’s another thing once our kid is old enough (and gone to school long enough) to know what’s coming. Also, since we previously celebrated Halloween the same way we celebrate Independence day and St.Patty’s day and New Years (as in really not at all), we had to consider what this looks like for our family as kids get older.

  • simple costume, this year it was gifted from nana, that brought him joy and fun and evy could join in too with a similar shirt and a hat
  • handing out fair-trade chocolate to the neighbors
  • be involved, use the gift of a large neighborhood event to be friendly to neighbors right at their own homes
  • a small bucket for the kids to fill up with some treats (which, um – a neighbor saw the filled tiny buckets and yelled “bob, go get a big bag for them to put their candy in!!!”). Well — that was hilarious (and evy freaked when we took things from her bucket into a bag. back in the bucket it went. it was a thoughtful idea from them).

Oh. And we also carved 2 pumpkins. Ethan hated it. Evy loved it.

img_7212 img_7214 img_7217 img_7216 img_7222-copy

Well, the driving force of this discussion was that Ethan’s class had a special Halloween party this year and he was supposed to wear a costume. So we asked him – and he said firefighter. So he arrived with the jacket and hat and a few gadgets and loved it seeing all his friends in costumes!


Finally the evening arrived and we headed out down our street in search of houses with the lights on. Um. ALL of them had lights on. It was amazing!


I just didn’t anticipate how much fun the kids would have!! Ethan was very (almost too) extroverted. Evy stayed right by Ethan, nervous at first, but then quickly strutted around, proudly carrying her little bucket and saying “trick-or-treat” at each house.

We only went to 15 houses because every house gave them like 4 pieces of candy EACH. But it was a lot of fun to see the neighbors, enjoy some free apple cider (ahem, adult-ed, ahem), and watch our kids learn this cultural tradition.

Perhaps Ethan’s favorite was when his part was done, he sat outside way past his bedtime handing out candy to the older kids that came a little later. He was so excited he yelled to people “Hey Hey! Come over here!”. It was fabulous.


After it was all said and done, Evy got to eat one piece, and Ethan got four pieces and they went to bed pretty easily all things considering! It was super fun you guys. I’ll be curious how this plays out each year!