in motion. the careful color-er

Ethan’s newest obsession the last 2 weeks has been coloring. We have colored with him before bedtime for many many months. However, recently, he has transitioned from crayons to markers. And he loves it. Today, Matt found him downstairs BY HIMSELF at 630am coloring. (he never goes downstairs by himself. ever.)

For good or bad, his attention to detail and patience with this activity is truly remarkable to watch.

This picture took him 30 minutes to complete. And he did 2 more after this one. It’s kinda my favorite thing to sit by him from 6-730pm and just color together. Honestly. It’s like therapy. But better because it’s with my kid. Quality time and words of affirmation all into one. Even better that he always get’s to choose who to mail it to and what he wants me to write on it as a letter. A subtle way to teach generosity, consideration of others, and giving gifts.

img_7359 img_7364 img_7371 img_7373 img_7379

For an idea of his precision – check out the video. It’s only 3 minutes of the 30, but you’ll get the patience he has!