everyday. autumn in our backyard is magic

Every year, for about 7 days, MAGIC happens in the back yard. Because the trees all change into a yellow and red dreamland.

img_7208img_7099 img_7103

This year was the same with the GORGEOUS colors. And our kids love being in the backyard. While grilling up some burgers for dinner, it was just too overwhelmingly perfect. My insides just were imploding with this light and these colors.

And these smiles.

img_7109 img_7113 img_7117 img_7123 img_7128 img_7133

Of course, the annual throw-the-kid-in-the-air shot was successfully attempted and documented. Someday I’ll line all these up and just smile remembering the years we did this with our children.

img_7141 img_7148

Honest to goodness, if you ever see us (or anyone else) all looking with perfect faces and eyes — it’s not real. It’s a lucky shutter. Because it just is. Trust me. Real life is random and messy and those perfect moments last for a second or less.

But even so. I love these. Imperfect and all.

img_7154 img_7155 img_7157 img_7158

Our Ethan. He is special. I mean everyone is special (so that makes no one special? I never understood that). What I mean to say, is that he is his own unique self created by God, raised by us in our own very imperfect way, and he is a force of a little guy that I adore. His ability to rationalize, and memorize, and construct and engineer — are all skills and gifts I am so DYING curious to know the paths and struggles God has for his life purpose. UGH. I am crazy loving this kid.


And Yes. As always. Ethan took some photos too.

img_7168 img_7171 img_7176 img_7180

Now for the Evster. She is something fierce. And strongly independent but a content companion as well. She is still coming into her quirks and self, and I know this next year of age 2 will be very revealing for her. Her insane joy for simple things continues to bless us and remind us of that young innocence of childhood.

img_7188 img_7200

SO. That’s the magic we get to live by right now. It’s looking out every window in our house. And I’ll be so sad when it’s gone. But soon it will be replaced with all those trees lined with snow which is equally gorgeous in it’s own way. The backyard adventures will continue!