companions. our expanding (extended) family

You may or may not know this, but in the course of the next 6 months, we will have 4 new people joining our family!!!! YES. I KNOW that is a crazy-o-lot but it’s totally true! YES. Each of our siblings are expanding their families! (ps. these photos are stolen with permission from them. i’m such a visual person!)

First up, Matt’s sister Luke and Alyssa are welcoming a baby girl (Briella) to their family in December! They will be navigating life with two girls and we are so excited for them! From my experience,the joys of the bond of sisterhood is one I am so happy for them to experience together as a family. They adore being parents and we look forward in meeting our niece so soon!


Second up, my older sister Amanda and her fiancee Adan will be saying “I Do” in January! They are living in Kansas and I am so excited for them to do life together and experiencing firsthand the adventure of marriage! We eagerly await their wedding day, but more importantly we are so excited to continue life with them as they enjoy being best friends and partners in life! You guys, I can’t wait for your wedding!!


And third, my younger sister Christina and husband Peter are expecting twins in April! They are loving life in Colorado and the addition of two little ones in their life will be epic gorgeous for their life. We eagerly await the arrival of these children and will spoil them without ceasing. There are no words what joy their pending arrival has brought to our lives and we can’t wait to meet them!


Briella, Adan, and the Twins — WELCOME to our family!!!