dear daughter. twentyone months


Dear Evy

Happy almost-two-years-old! You are officially older than one and a half and we can’t even begin to say how fabulous you are.

You have so many personality quirks it’s hard to find a single word to describe you best. You’re our Ev!!! You babble and babble — you say lots of phrases with multiple words together which is fabulous! OH MY. I almost forgot. The best part?? about one month ago you learned to ask “why?”. “daddy’s at work today”….”why??”. It’s so cute because you are so tiny still to be asking it but you do it correctly! You are great at respect words (sorry, please, thank you) and are increasing vocal with everyday “conversations”. We love this stage!

You continue to be very insistent – you always want to be included in anything we are doing. You are strong – you wrestle playfully and fight aggressively. You love to “play” in the play kitchen but especially love to try to help us in the real kitchen, you love to do puzzles and games with blocks. You adore to look at books and will sit quietly through many books in a row even at a young age. Your favorite books? Llama Llama, Ispy, babies, curious george.

You love to explore outside and are always up for anything we do as a family — kayaking and burley rides are your favorite. You also love to pull the wagon, trike, pretend to scooter, and rollerskate whenever you can.

You LOVE to climb, slide down fast slides, and swing very high. You run towards any puddles you can possibly find. You fall with minimal complaints. And you are just always wanting to be near Ethan or us. Your favorite afternoon activity is helping us drive up the car into the garage and then having free-range-play-time in the car after that.

You insist on wearing a “pretty bow” (bee-bow) (which you say and ask for perfectly) everyday and you’re just the cutest thing. You have curly hair in the back that we keep trimmed for ease and your bangs swept aside with the bow. Your normal clothes are all second-hand from local consignment stores or handed-down from friends, and are leggings with long shirts. You pick out your outfit and jammies everyday!

Schedule — you have no set schedule you adhere to which is undeniably fabulous! You go to bed usually 630pm-630am. But that is very flexible. You sometimes take a nap after lunch, but it’s variable on timing, location, and length. You eat every 2-3 hours and literally eat an adult portion size of whatever we have as a family! However — greek yogurt is hands down your favorite food.

You are already in underwear during the day full time (even for naps!!). You stay dry and have had no accidents for many weeks. That process was so easy and seamless, you honestly trained yourself. You can now even just tell us when you need to go, and are able to “wait”. And for the last 2 weeks you have 100% success rate telling us when you need to poop in the potty, no accidents. This has been a HUGE game changer for us to be done with diapers other than at night!

You are usually healthy, however you’vw had a round or two of strep, and at least one ear infection lately. There have been a handful of colds as well that are inevitable. A hand burn from the stovetop. Countless scrapes from falls. The usual active-kid-signs!

You do great at daycare and are now in the toddler room with the bigger kids! You love seeing family and friends during home days and are generally not too picky who you prefer to play with. Even nursery at church is going well. You LOVE LOVE to facetime any family or friend that live near or far away.

The hard part right now with you? You scream. SO LOUD when you’re mad. Especially at Ethan. Oh my word you totally bring it on yourself. You scream. He yells. You scream. It’s exhausting. You occasionally throw toys or items when you’re mad as well. Discipline is hard at your age, but you understand “making it right” and saying sorry. You have BIG emotions girl. You are definitely a match for Ethan. It can get intense. You also simply want to be near by to us all.the.time and you prefer to be held whenever possible. It’s overwhelming at times when we are trying to get things down around the house – but you find other things to play with and do great!

You have been very daddy-preferenced for the last several months which has been so tender to see how you have bonded with him intensely, and you adore so many people in your life. You bring a smile to many people when they see you!

We adore you little girl! Excited to see what the next few months bring in your life!

hugs, mommy and daddy