everyday. just look

Our kids fight. Like yell at each other, kick each other, throw things at each other — they continue to be BIG EMOTION people.


Our kids adore each other like nothing I had ever hoped for. They comfort each other. Look out for each other (yes, even Evy). They try to make each other laugh. And their good moments together are over the top innocently joyful and loving.


img_5640 img_5641

I asked them to lay on the bench together like when they were little. I just wanted one photo. And the next 5 minutes had NOTHING to do with me. In fact, I didn’t tell them to do anything together. Their joy and affection. It was all completely unscripted. It was magical. It was honest.


I hope you enjoy these. I hope they bring some childhood joy into your soul. I hope you enjoy that Evy has 4 bows in her hair (because. it’s the evster and she’s hilarious). I hope you enjoy Ethan’s goofy smile and his obvious physical affection for her. I hope you know how parenthood is a whole lot of suffering and grieving the lack of control and selfish moments. But it’s equally a whole lot of joy and love and feelings that are so totally out-of-this-world that the only explanation is that there is a God who made us, just because he finds joy in us. That is crazy love.

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If our job with two kids is to teach them selflessness. To teach them companionship. To demonstrate unconditional love. To teach them differences and quirks. To teach them to celebrate joy and process suffering.

Then I realize this day actually encompassed an echo of all these things. Each day and each year will bring these things bigger and into a larger context. And I pray we constantly humbled to the honor in being parents.

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