everyday. potty-training kid two

YOU GUYS WE MADE IT!!!! Week 4 after potty training Evy. PHEW.

Do you remember our experience potty training with Ethan? (for your amusement read here and here). He was just about two and we took 3 days and he was “done”.  Stickers and rewards and alarms and cheering were all heavily involved. Naps and bedtime still used diapers for a while and then eventually it was all faded out over the course of the next year.  So the entire thing was about a year-and-a-half to get from complete dependence in diapers to complete independence day and night (we don’t even have to help him wash his hands anymore. #arrived). ANYWAY. Ethan is very cause/effect driven so this system worked really well to train him.

Evy is more of a fluid soul. She doesn’t excel on cause/effect and rewards and deals like Ethan does. She kinda insists on doing her own thing. Sometimes she’s super frustrating, but usually she goes with the flow.

Around 16 months old Evy was peeing in the potty when we sat her on it prior to bath. Huh. She kept doing it. Until a month ago when we’re like — huh. she goes whenever we put her on it. And she stays mostly dry between. And she’s dry even at naps. 

So we looked at each other and decided to go for it.

And by go for it we just put her underwear one day. Brought her potty once an hour. Brought her before and after nap (yup — we kept her in underwear). Annnnndddd DONE.

um WHAT?!?!?!?!

No stickers?!? No NOTHING!? We TOTALLY tried to be like “yyyeeeahhhh evy!! Want a marshmellow?!? And she was like ‘ya’. And that was it. She’s just not motivated in that way. But she DOES love water and washing her hands with soap – and using toilet paper — so those “rewards” after peeing were kinda perfect and all she needed.

Oh. And waving “bye bye water” when she flushes is just the darndest cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

How are we doing now? Well. She’s had about 1 accident of poop in the underwear once a week. She does go on the potty but pooping is weird — let’s all be honest about that. She’s had 1 accident of pee once a week but usually it’s when we forget to ask her. She has started telling us and daycare when she needs to go which is a huge win. We of course still need to help her with pants and washing hands because she’s like tiny.

OH. and for the last 2 nights she’s waking herself (and us) up in the night and yelling — “dddaaaddddyyyy” and we go in there and she says “potty???” and then we bring her (dry) to the potty and then she goes. alot. I’m not ready for this lack-of-sleep thing again you guys!!! But if she’s ready, then I’ll follow her lead. But she’s doing awesome.

img_4565 img_4567 img_4571 img_4574

Oh also, we have the “little potty” in the back of the car JUST in case our “1-2hour potty time” comes while we are at a park. (and may I say it’s ridiculous all the bathrooms at parks lock in Sept? come on.) Or somewhere random. And she goes. So funny. She of course CAN go longer than that in car rides, but always handy to have. And yes, I carry 3 outfit changes for her JUST in case. Not my first rodeo ya’ll.

image image

So. We did it. We’re done with diapers (well, except at night. And even that she may be almost done with it). I still feel like it’s equal parent and child training. It’s just when everyone is ready. Because it’s a commitment. And somehow every human learns to do it eventually, so when the time is right…it get’s done. (but totally TOTALLY thrilled that we are pretty much DONE for our family. #freedom).