everyday. the big boy room

The time had come.

Ethan had outgrown his toddler bed. And was ready to upgrade to the infamous twin bed. My disdain for furniture shopping came back with a vengeance and after a couple hours I figured there must be a better fit.

Enter a young dad, woodworker by night, making beds out of his home a few miles from our house. We visited his “work shop garage” to see his work, and with our small talk we learned he picked up woodworking through childhood from his grandfather. We were impressed with his work and quality and one week later he delivered Ethan’s custom-made bed to our home.


His bed is very simple. Something that he can use until he leaves the house after high-school. The HUGE underbed drawers (the entire length of the bed both directions) will substitute a dresser until he’s old enough to utilize the closet.

But honestly, my favorite aspect is that it was local made with basic solid materials (all real wood – this thing a beast!!!), and we supported a young dad in the process. This dad had two young boys and wasn’t bothered at all to have Ethan help him (and literally talk his ear off for the hour he was here). This made it extra sweet.


The remainder of the room stayed simple. A few things on the wall. An Etsy home-made clock which we ADORE. Yes, we want his room to grow and change with him. But the room you sleep in as a child, no matter where in the world you live, is a strong memory. We want his room to be first and foremost somewhere that invites rest. It’s why we’ve so far not allowed toys in his room. Books only. Second, we want it to be a place that is his own — somewhere that he can feel safe.

img_5487 img_5488 img_5491 img_5493 img_5494 img_5496

There is one change to his room. We removed the reading chair (since we can now read on his bed). And we made him a space just for him. A hide-and-seek, reading space, imaginative space, cuddle with Evy or mommy or Daddy space.


The materials? Dowels for a couple bucks at Home Depo. A shower curtain for the “roof” that was doubled with some safety pins over the dowels. And then a curtain for the door. It is no-sew. Because I don’t sew well, or at all really. (I also don’t garden well. Sorry mom. Can’t win them all). But my sister totally inspired me to try to make something ourselves and this was pretty impressive! It turned out SO GREAT!


Big boy — we are so glad you love your new room set up. And we are so excited for you to grow into it even more!!