everyday. all of us on wheels and everyone survived

Look at these smiles. Do you know why???

img_5514 img_5516

Well the obvious answer is that they are all geared up for some rollerbladding. (er, well, skates for Evy because it’s what we have in her size). AND even better?!?! Well. Matt and I have blades. We actually used to blade a lot together prior to kids, but the last 5 years I don’t think they’ve seen more than 1 day of use.

That streak has been officially broken.

img_5524 img_5526 img_5533 img_5536

It was a BLAST. We just did our sidewalks by our house (a wee bit bumpy — and all the leaves and sticks on the ground with this season did not make it any easier). But it TOTALLY worked!!!

img_5544 img_5545 img_5546 img_5547 img_5549

Ethan and I tried at one point to try to squat by each other for a photo op. HAHA. Um ya. I’m not nearly as stable without practice as I hoped.

img_5554 img_5555 img_5556 img_5559

So there you have it. PROOF>> that we can all kinda-sorta-almost-safely be on 32 wheels together!