everyday. mama and son moments

When the light in the backyard is gorgeous, my creative soul just aches for photos. And I am very lucky to have a husband that can finagle a camera with ease! Ethan and I are buddies. Yes we are mom/son, but right now at this age we are kinda like soul mates. And I’m so thankful because within a few years, that will no longer be the case. But you know, that doesn’t really make me sad. Because now when he’s four, I love to cuddle and he plays with my hair, and he just kisses me for the fun of it. When he is 8, and then 15, and then 21, and then 40 — I am also looking forward to those stages as well as he becomes more independent and into the adult version of himself. So that means I really do appreciate and adore these times with him.

img_5327 img_5329 img_5331 img_5334 img_5335 img_5340 img_5341 img_5344 img_5349 img_5351 img_5354 img_5358 img_5359 img_5374 img_5375

And as always promised. Ethan was allowed to take photos with my “good” camera too.

img_5383 img_5400 img_5417