companions. riverside island adventure

Our friends Kyle and Sara live on beautiful land that overlooks the St.Croix River. The fabulous things about the river is that the height can be high or low and vary the landscape completely. Right now it is a bit lower and the “islands” in the River have re-emerged. So we all hopped on their pontoon, docked it upstream at an island, and went on an adventure.

Let’s start, with that it was almost pure mud. And we didn’t let that hinder us even a little bit. It actually upped the adventure and “oh my word this will be an awesome memory” by a million! Our kids did awesome with them both, Evy as cuddly and content, Ethan was on cloud nine and us adults — we laughed together as we watched us all become more and more muddy and it was glorious.

2016_laborday0022016_laborday004 2016_laborday005 2016_laborday008 2016_laborday011 2016_laborday012 2016_laborday014 2016_laborday024 2016_laborday025 2016_laborday028

Now the trees were awesome. And the mud was sticky. And the mosquitoes were out like crazy with the muggy heat — but somehow I honestly didn’t mind. Our friends were so great. The kids so content. And the view — It was so magical…….

2016_laborday029 2016_laborday031 2016_laborday037 2016_laborday041 2016_laborday042 2016_laborday043 2016_laborday046 2016_laborday049 2016_laborday056

This area was HUGE. This picture below — of Evy walking (yes, she totally aims for any puddles she sees to splash in them, these happen to be all mud which made it even better)– there is river ahead of her jjuuuusssttt beyond the clearing in the trees, and also river on all sides behind us. The size of the area made us feel so small. It was something really special.


After heading back and changing clothes (so sticky and muddy!!), we hung out around their property. We talked, played with the kids and puppies, made some music, enjoyed food, explored some more, and it was simply fabulous!

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The take away from the day? Stay connected with people near and far to you. Get outside and explore. Get a little muddy – because it (almost all) washes out in the wash. And care for your soul through community. Dear friends. we love you!

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