everyday. double the wheels

So have I mentioned Ethan has rollerblades? Well. He does. His “I can rollerblade when I’m four” has been the going gig since last year, so we honored our deal.

The first time was just standing on them and holding our hand. The 2nd and 3rd try was rolling down slight hills to get control and balance. The 4th time was working up the skill to actually move a bit uphill (which he’s getting better everyday!). The 5th time was him JUMPING with BOTH FEET off the ground while rollerblading. UM. What.

Moving on.

We looked at the Ev and decided to throw on some skates ($5 garage sale for the WIN). AND it sorta kinda totally works. Similar to ice skates she wobbled around with us helping her! She loves it. For about 10 minutes, and then I think her feet get tired.

So. For your viewing pleasure. First up is day 2 when we were at the house!

image image image image

Don’t believe it? Check it out (esp in the middle when E goes solo on and off the grass! HAHA!)

As with most activities and choices, we try to have some level of intention about it. So how is this working for our souls and fitting in with our convictions? Well obviously this has no direct spiritual or eternal effect at this time. But, we still want to care about what we do.

  • We were able to buy everything second-hand and very reasonable, plus it’s all adjustable for another two years.
  • It is small and doesn’t increase clutter (we even throw it all in the burly with biking trips!).
  • It is a solo or group activity (mamaday around the block or with friends who blade).
  • It hits love languages – quality time (obvious) and words of affirmation (Matt and I are able to actually talk with each other while we walk the block while E blades and Ev holds our hand).
  • The skill itself is applicable to ice-skates making the muscle-memory more of a year-round skill. And since we live in Minnesota, we need to embrace the insane seasons.
  • And the icing on it all — it gets us all outside with something we all enjoy. All in all. It’s a good choice for our family in this stage.

Oh. And here was us this weekend at a perfect sunny park.

img_4610 img_4611 img_4615 img_4626 img_4630 img_4633 img_4636