everyday. bathroom reveal

You may remember a year ago when we considered the purpose of each room in our home and then created a space that fit that purpose. AND I kept my promise that I was not allowed to change any of it.

Last week we went through that process again. And right now, our playroom, and living spaces, and masterbedroom still have the same purpose with excellent results. We are able to limit and organize toys with our system, we have abundant books that we can read anytime. We have open floors for building legos and dance parties. We have colors and themes that create peace. We have world-awareness highlighted in rooms to keep us prayerful and grounded.

However. We have not changed any of the bathrooms since we moved in 4 years ago. Didn’t even paint them. And let’s be honest – bathrooms have a limited purpose (a-hem) so didn’t really feel the need.

But we now are out of the baby stage, and our kids can use the bathroom pretty independently. Baths. Brushing Teeth. Washing hands. It’s all something we want them to do on their own.

Prior – the bathroom we had was totally fine. It was a brown-tan color, with nothing on the walls, and a brown-tree-shower curtain. It was fine.

This week we figured out the purpose and refigured it to hopefully fit for another 5 years.

  1. Kid-use — towel rack that they can hang their own towels in the proper place (versus on the floor in a pile) and our kids EMBRACE “proper place” so it’s perfect. Step-stool to reach the sink.
  2. Adult use — grey walls. Because I love cool tones. Plus painting just makes it feel like a whole new room.
  3. World-focus – perspective for our soul and teaching moments. We are in this bathroom everyday with our kids. We debated on various words to put on our “name” sign (bubbles, lather, etc) but we decided on “Water”. We pray with our kids with every bath for other kids that live “far far away” and people without clean water. We will remember to not waste water in the bath and sink. We will remember the desire to live an anti-selfish-excessive life and focus on the needs of others, remember to budget only for needs, give away the rest. It’s a conversation we have with our kids

SOOO. HERE it is!

Yes. WE ADORE IT. We did it all for under $80 (the paint was the most expensive item!) All the wood and birch we had already. Just the curtain, mat, and photos were our other purchase. I LOVE that the kids hang up the towels in the spot now they can reach. I love that it’s a cool-clean color. I ADORE the baby photos of them as memories of where we have been and the squiggly-broken-path we are on.

But most of all. I LOVE the world photos of clean water projects (photos by World Vision)


There is a photo of mama’s with babes wrapped on their backs, all the while carrying water on their heads. If they do that daily to survive, I can cut my whining. Bless them. They are so strong.


There is a photo of 2 kids, appearing just our kids ages, drinking (hopefully) clean water out of a jug. It stirs my heart – mama’s all over the world are living my life. But very different. That’s not fair. May I be so convicted to use every moment and resource for God’s Glory. Whatever that may be. Because I can pray for those kids, but He has them in His hand. He is big enough for it all.


There is one photo of a mama getting water out of a pond of some kind. Who knows if it’s “clean”, but when I asked Ethan. He said it’s not clean. I told him that is why we use our water carefully, why we pray for people without clean water to stay healthy, why we give our money to help neighbors on the other side of the world to get clean water. He asked me what happens if they drink dirty water. I said the kids get sick, and if a mama gets too sick, then her little baby or child may not be ohkay. He said “thats OK, the daddy will take care of them”. Oh dear boy – I wanted to tell you the reality that most of the daddy’s are probably not around, or even alive. But I just couldn’t with your innocence. So I said, “Yes. I hope those daddy’s are helping keep them healthy”.


We know go into this bathroom with a newfound purpose. With soul-changing conversations. And meaningful prayers during our days. “We live simply, so others may simply live.”