everyday. evening kayak adventure

We decided to take a huge gamble and check out a new lake by us AFTER DINNER on a WEEKNIGHT. Okay. The capitalized letters were a bit dramatic. But know that we rarely leave our house after 630pm. For like the last 4 years. Honest. Don’t feel bad for us. It’s actually kinda nice!

Annnyywwayzz. We decided the darkness of autumn and winter is quickly coming, and the kids were doing great, so why not? We packed up and drove 3 minutes south to a nice-sized-lake close to our house. (seriously minnesota. you have SO many lakes). We were surprised to see it was in a brand new development, the lake (must have been) man-made, and there was actually a biking/walking paved trail around the whole thing too! Huh. That is super slick!

The evening ended up being a huge success, minus the meltdown(s) at the end when we packed up the car. But it was totally worth it.

IMG_4323 IMG_4327 IMG_4329 IMG_4332 IMG_4335 IMG_4337 IMG_4343 IMG_4345 IMG_4347 IMG_4354 IMG_4357 IMG_4368