he said. four years old

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My favorite color is black

My favorite activity inside is playing with mommy

My favorite activity outside is riding my bike

My favorite food is ice cream or dessert, or hamburger daddy makes on the grill

My favorite books are Curious George, and Clifford

The season I like the best is winter because I like Christmas because it’s my favorite

What did my mom and dad teach me this year? staying dry at night

What do I want as a job when I’m older? Help fix computers like daddy does

When am I afraid? When there is a storm, I’m afraid it will hurt my ears

When am I sad? Sometimes I’m sad at school because sometimes I miss my daddy because I love him. And and when Evy makes bad choices but I still love her.

I like being with Evy because she plays nice, I like being with daddy with airplane computer and playing cars, I like being with mommy and cuddling with her






he said