everyday. umbrella

Here’s the story. It was 4pm on a mamaday and we wondered over to a garage sale in our neighborhood. We found a tiny thing for Evy for a quarter. And there was this bright big umbrella. There was nothing there for kids, but he saw this. It was $1. And it had a hand-carved golf handle. It was huge and obnoxious. But Ethan has never had (or used?!) and umbrella and he was smitten. And with perfect timing for rain later that day, he has LOVED it.

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430pm on mamdays aren’t always my best time of the week. But I will say recently, and including this day, I tried to really be PRESENT. Maybe it wasn’t perfect — the messy house, the not-yet-prepared dinner, the wet clothes, the child playing free-range in the car — but I was present. I sat there and sat under that umbrella with our butts getting all wet on the ground. We sat and listened to the rain, we didn’t even really talk about anything major. But instead of rushing to the next thing in the day that I knew that needed to happen, I lingered. 20 minutes we were together, we moved to different spots in the driveway. We cuddled and sat together. And then I turned to him, and asked him if it would be OK to go get my camera so I can remember this moment when he was bigger. He said yes mama. And I am so glad he did.

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