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Sunday morning rolled around last week and it was just too perfect to sit inside. We were just a little burnt out, and church isn’t always easy for us. We allowed the kids to play outside as we discussed options, and Evy said “mommys yayak. daddy yayak. zee-zee yayak”.

We said yes to family time.

We drove a few minutes away to (yet another) new lake with a dock. I grabbed some extra toddler Bibles from the house and decided to do church as a family. So we walked to the dock, and sat and looked at the Bibles with our kids. We were the only ones there since it was only 830am, on the perfect Sunday morning. We read together, unrushed, pointing out the beauty of creation and how God made it. I prayed outloud like conversations — like Jesus was sitting there with us.

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Then, we walked back up the hill to grab the kayaks. This was the first official kayak outing with Ethan. This time, there was no beach, no swim suits….just us in normal clothes heading out. We brought our carabiner to connect Ethan’s kayak to our own like a train in case he got too tired to make it back. It was glorious. I don’t think I’ve seen Matt smile so big and so joyfully in a long time.

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Ethan did awesome. We spent an hour on the water, went on an adventure to see the island, looked for fish and turtles in the perfect clear water, and talked the entire time. We even brought snacks and water and had next to the island! We pulled Ethan with the carabiner when we had to cross the entire lake, but all the rest he did on his own. Evy sat in our laps, one hand in the water, watching everything. And we were able to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

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