everyday. a late solo bedtime means you put yourselves to bed

I have found the hardest time being a mom of two is at bedtime. SOLO.

Bedtime is precious. It’s snuggles and books and an hour process of the same 10-things in order that provides predictability for everyone involved. It’s a volatile emotional time for both adults and children and there is a TON of close-body-language watching to deter any crazy moments. The specific whine, or slight hidden yawn are all golden clues that a parent must be fully observant to guarantee peace. It’s perfect to have one parent do one kid and one parent do the other kid.


If you’re doing it solo. No longer do the kids get 100%. They get 50%.

So that’s like a 50/50 chance that a situation that feels like DEATH occurs. The slightest missed cue could result in 1-2 hours of fallout.

So bedtime is well protected 95% of the time. And right now E does great with me and Evy does great with Matt so it goes very smoothly. So when one parent is on the random times not around and then a parent is solo with bedtime — it’s a “I-owe-you-for-a-week” outing.

I can do solo bedtime. So can Matt.

But this week when I had solo bedtime. I was just SO TIRED. Because summer has created a late bedtime routine because it’s still VERY light out at 7pm so kid’s cues are all messed up and they think it’s 5pm instead. So we’ve let them go later since they’ve been doing so well. BUT. I still just was so tired because Evy just cried for Matt over and over. So I told Ethan. OK. How about you guys put yourselves to bed. As the process started, I noticed something very special about their bond with each other. A deep compassion and companionship.

IMG_2949 IMG_2951 IMG_2952 IMG_2956 IMG_2957 IMG_2959 IMG_2963 IMG_2964 IMG_2965

These are the moments that children soften your heart. You know it’s a holy moment. I was so enamored I decided to start a video to get a glimpse. And then they just kept going and going. I eventually had to stop to finish Evy’s books and start Ethan’s. But Evy just asked for “de-de nigh-night, dee-dee nigh-night” (her word for Ethan). So he lifted her into the crib, sang her songs, and even tucked her in.

So here you go. 6 minutes of our night routine. Enjoy my exhausted voice. Enjoy our adorable kids.