everyday. a cave kayak adventure

We like our routine. And predictability. But we also like adventure. Especially if it’s close to home (young kids in a car people….still not a highlight of our day. Although they’re better at books and even CD-books so we’re getting there!) We may constantly whine about the extreme random weather, but God created Minnesota in a beautiful unique way. The combo of lakes and trees and rocks is beautiful if you take the time to enjoy it (just accept the smell and sweat of summer and life gets better!). And just 30min south of us we found another regional park with some hidden gems.

image image image

Across the lake, Matt and I saw big rocks on the other side…..almost “bluff” appearing. And I said, “Is that a cave?” Well. Ethan thought it would be SO AMAZING to see the caves so we paddled all the way across. And  yes. There were inlets. And yes, some we could have gone into (um, that’s creepy and insane). So we explored the entire area and it was gorgeous. We are constantly GIDDY with what our kids will do with us!!

image image image image image image

The stillness was beautiful. And it was hard work getting across the lake, but the kids lasted an hour by the “caves” and it’s on our top places to now explore!