everyday. corn and pork arrives at the farmers market

We have continued our weekly farmers market trips this summer and this week there was roasted corn. WHHHHAAAAATT?!?! The kids loved it. Of course we got our weekly maple syrup, potatoes, BBQ sauce, and popcorn (they know Ethan by name).

And can I just take this moment to restate how much Evy eats. Like all the time. Like almost every photo of her ever has her eating something.

So this week, we got 2 pulled pork sandwiches (local pork smoked that morning!!) for us adults. UM, our kids ate them both. Matt and I got 1-2 bites each. And this was AFTER they EACH ate their roasted corn. I kid you not. People stopped to watch Evy eat the sandwich. You see — I held the sandwich while she just put her face in it and chewed. Pretty much just nose-breathed and continuously chewed — face still in the pork–chewing. Until it was completely finished. One couple stopped to watch her and told us, “I’ve never seen a kid eat like that! How old is she?” Yup. That’s our girl!

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