everyday. a sunday triathlon

Ohkay Ohkay. It’s not a REAL triathlon. But we DID do biking, kayaking, and swimming all in a row!! The E’s Grandpa and Grandma joined us for a beautiful outing. We easily fit all the bikes and the kayaks and the kids with our car and head down the road to a city park.

IMG_2848 IMG_2853 IMG_2859 IMG_2867

Oh. And they also happened to bring along this….Yes the age says age 5. But E catches on pretty darn quick on these activities. And he OWNED this. So proud!

IMG_2875 IMG_2879 IMG_2886

Evy kayaked with us a bit and then just enjoyed the beach. Girl you are too fabulous.

IMG_2890 IMG_2892 IMG_2894 IMG_2907 IMG_2913 IMG_2914 IMG_2920

Fabulous company. Fabulous weather. Fabulous blessing.