companions. colorado

I’ve tried for 6 WEEKS to get our Colorado photos in a stopmotion video. But for whatever reason my program won’t let me do it this time. I’m so sad. But I moved on and will post them as normal photos. So these are delayed from our June trip — but finally here are the photos!!

What do you need to know?? Ethan only and forever wanted to climb. Ethan and Christina are pretty much best friends. Evy went with the flow and rarely put up a fuss. Ethan threw up way too many times on the way down the mountain (car sick? altitude sick? who knows). Evy loves to hang on monkey bars (too cute). We learned Ethan doesn’t walk well (Scooter yes. Bike yes. Climb yes. Walk?? not so much (whhhiiiinnnneeeeeeyyyyyy).

IMG_0661 IMG_0682 IMG_0663 IMG_0647 IMG_0692 IMG_0732 IMG_0775 IMG_0777 IMG_0789 IMG_0799 IMG_0809 IMG_9943 IMG_9970 IMG_9973 IMG_0002 IMG_0031 IMG_0066 IMG_0096 IMG_0092 IMG_0099 IMG_0121 IMG_0168 IMG_0188 IMG_0261 IMG_0280 IMG_0354 IMG_0363 IMG_0425 IMG_0487 IMG_0523 IMG_0532 IMG_0534

And there you have it!!