dear daughter. 18 months


Dear Evy

You are one and half!! YEEESSSS!!!

Our heart simply explodes out of love for you. How can we even describe the utter joy you bring into our lives!

You are strong. You wrestle with Ethan and both respond and initiate “rough” play together. You carry your own scooter up the driveway and love to be tossed around and tickled.

You are the easiest person to put to bed. Ever. Books and then a half of a song and you point to the crib and say “nigh-night”. You have you baby, blanket, lovee, curious george, and a water bottle in the crib with you. HOWEVER…..lately, you’ve been staying awake in your crib another hour….just yelling out “dddaaaadeeeeeeeeeee” or “mommeeeeeeeeee”. You never get upset with it, you just say it. Over. And Over. We’ve timed you up to an hour. Just saying our name every 30 seconds or so. Without changing pitch. It’s hilarious. And if we do go in….you just kinda look at us, and then fall back down with your stuff, and then rest. It’s so odd.

You have spitfire moments. Yelling and hitting, pulling things away or towards you. You’re so cute when you do it, but oh man you can get soooooooo mad. But you say “sorry” afterwards — now even unprompted. It always impresses us when you do it yourself. You’re getting better at sharing with Ethan (and visa versa) but it’s often still a big challenge.

You are tender. You love to play “nigh-night” when you lay down on a pillow with a blanket and tuck yourself/doll/us/ethan in. And then repeat over and over.

You love books. I’m not sure if most kids your age love books the way you do, but you LOVE them. You’ll sit by yourself or with other people looking at books. You love ones with planes/boat/car/bus because you do i-spy and say their names. You adore i-spy type books!

You love food. You are a great eater. There is very little you refuse to eat. You eat all meat and fish, all veggies and fruits, and anything else we offer. You ADORE yogurt. Oh my goodness. So much yogurt. You drink water and milk out of a normal cup  (you just throw the sippy cup if we offer it) and completely self-feed. You have started to “cut pretend food” in the playroom and do a lot of kitchen creative play.

You are active! Swings (the big swings!!), slides (the big twirly slides), puzzles, puppets. You climb on tables and chairs (even your little play table — you climb up to turn on the light when you go into the room, and then climb back down). You love any type of water play (esp beaches). You don’t enjoy sprinklers or splash pads, but you do love water you can sit or stand in! And kayaking “yay-yakkk??!” you LOVE to kayak on our laps. Burley rides are well loved as well.

You enjoy watching short sesame street song videos on the Pad. We give you screen time 2-3x a week for about 30min at a time. You’ll last about 10-20min and love to pick which ones to watch! We usually offer you “food time” or “lets go outside!” and you look up “SIIDDE??” and put it back on the counter and go get your shoes!

You are so pretty! Your hair is complete curls in the back. We usually put your hair up in a half-pony or a clip to pull back your bangs. Your eyes are very blue, and your skin very fair (although quite tan now mid summer).

Daycare 3 days a week is going great! You’re in the toddler room, nap on a cot for 1-2 hours, and play pretty independently while you are there. When you come home you ruuuunnnn to me saying “moooommmmyyyy!!”

We have loved seeing your older-toddler tendencies and personalities come through and we can’t wait to see you grow!

We love you!!

love, mommy and daddy