in motion. such is summer

Summer is so much fun for MANY obvious reasons in Minnesota. But this summer especially has been extra sweet. Amongst the trial of hard parenting moments and jobs and philosophical thoughts and date nights and get-togethers and meal planning and laundry……there is the “normal” everyday.

Breakfast is a big deal. I want to say that pancakes or quiche or waffles are the special days…but it’s about 4-5 days out of the week! The trick to making it special this week? Whip up some heavy cream cream with some local honey and a handful of sprinkles. Winning it….


Kayaking. The kids ADORE it! We bring our little kayak to our neighborhood lake, put a kid in our lap, and stay on the water until we switch kids or adults. It is fabulous!


And Ethan wanted to go on an “adventure” — check out the teeny-tiny little cove that exists on the side of the lake. It’s too shallow to go to far into it with a kayak, but E was totally content with exploring.


Evy ADORES independent play. Most inside playtime, other than books/puzzles/Plato is her doing imagination play on her own.

IMG_2439 IMG_2440

Ethan has LOVED chalk this summer. And now he is very much into learning how to draw things on his own. The next video shows a glimpse how he does imaginative play himself too….

IMG_2455 IMG_2458 IMG_2459

HaHAA!! I can’t forget about Evy LOVING all things water. Beaches are a big yes. Baths. Splashpads. Kitchen sink. And then of course drinking out of the hose. Also a big yes.

IMG_2475 IMG_2479IMG_2467

And can I just stop and say, one more time, how much I ADORE her curls. Oh my word. She is so stink’n cute sometimes we can’t even handle it. We just stare at her and smile.


image image

And of course we can’t forget biking to parks. We have so many options to go to, and the kids LOVE playing. Here is a 4 min clip from a couple weeks ago early early early early one morning (hence the hoodies). I did it a bit longer to show their pattern of sibling play together right now. It’s extra sweet. Evy just says “bounce bounce bounce”, and then they chase each other down the slides…..