everyday. minnehaha


First I want to say that I’m getting really good at taking photos while biking. It’s a skill.

Second, if you didn’t know, Minneapolis is ranked NUMBER ONE for the most biker-friendly city in the United States. True story. It’s been number one for a long time. And we are completely and utterly embracing that. (because if we can’t get rid of the humidity, or add mountains to our landscape, then we’ll use our local positives to our advantage! Hence. biking).

This time our family destination was Minnehaha Falls. We parked a couple miles away and then used all the paths to get to the falls! We have young children, who have no idea why waterfalls are supposed to be amazing, so we stayed there all of 2 minutes (for a snack), and then kept going!

IMG_1407IMG_1373 IMG_1389 IMG_1379IMG_1383

(PS>>> HAPPY NINE YEARS TODAY BABE!! You’re the best human in my life. Honestly. Forever. And Ever. xoxo)


Moving on with our adventure. Our next stop?! Why. The EPIC splash pad, er pool, or whatever it is just a mile further. It’s free. Yes this is totally worth the detour.

IMG_1417 IMG_1426 IMG_1428 IMG_1439 IMG_1447 IMG_1444 IMG_1467 IMG_1451 IMG_1474

After that? Well, there also JUST HAPPENS to be a DQ along the path on the way back to the car. So we dried off, changed the kid back into clothes, and biked over for some ice cream! I blame my parents for teaching my young impressionable child brain that ice cream comes after biking (for all the times we biked to DQ….can’t even count)…..and now the association is difficult to resist. And thank goodness our DQ is like 5 miles from our house so that bike ride is TOTALLY worth it. But back to our day. Yes. We got ice cream. Yes Evy has style. Yes people commented but I promise she put on her own hat. HEAAAYYY girl!


And if it’s not obvious, the thing you need to know about Evy is that she loves the burley. Provided she has snacks and water. If she has that, then she’s golden.

IMG_1489 IMG_1487

Well anyways. After all the biking, and the splash pad, and the ice cream, our legs made it all the way back to the car and then we drove back home. Glorious people. Life is grand.