companions. ashley

Meet Ashley and her two beautiful boys!


This friend is something extra special. Because the last time we’ve actually “talked” or “seen” each other was 12 years ago. We met in passing through our (future) husbands for about a year and then lost touch. Somewhere in there she started photography, and a blog….and eventually so did I…and we started following each other online. Over time we both had kids, bought houses….all the while learning about each other’s lives from daily blog posts or instagram! Our interactions have been watching each other post about the good and hard moments of mamahood and life, commenting on our journeys, and trying to encourage each other along the way. So when her hubby had to work, but she was making a road trip to MN she asked to hang out on my mamaday and it was AMAZING!

She is a soul sister in so many ways. We both love lifestyle photography and blog in similar styles. We both adore Aldi and cooking and reading. We have similar older kids and parenting struggles and joys. We enjoy simple living and authentic moments shared. She loves Jesus and loves her family and friends.

And a beautiful blessing was our kids were the perfect ages to play together! They were spread out just enough that the little babe (just 2 months old!!) was CUDDLED and ADORED by both my kids. Ethan loved to help her eldest son play and bike, and we just all hung out! It was such a fabulous mamaday together. Our lifestyle photography blogging platforms has allowed us to fully be involved in each other’s lives from afar and it was like we were close friends even though it’s been completely from an online relationship!

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I hope we can reunite our families (with the men next time too!!) in the fall and come and visit you guys! You guys are so incredible. Thank you for coming to visit!!