he said. just don’t touch powerlines buddy

(for your reading pleasure — a recounted conversation from today. And I couldn’t make up this train of thought if I tried. True tale people.)

(in the car, Ethan notices the powerlines along the highway)

mommy what do dose do? 

They carry electricity. Like how the lights work, or kinda how batteries work, it has power called electricity. And they put them waaayy up high because you’re not allowed to touch them, you could die. They’re not safe.

WAAAAY up high?

Yup WAAYY up high!

No I won’t get hurt. 

Yes you would. You need special hats and gloves and stuff to touch them when they’re turned off. I think. Like construction people. Well, like electricians.

I have a hat and gloves and jacket. Dat’s OK right mommy?

No it’s, um, not the same.

If you touch dem den the mean soldiers will come.


Da mean soldiers will come. 

Um buddy. Soldiers aren’t mean. They keep us safe.

No dar not. Da soldiers were mean to Jesus. Day hurt Jesus in da Bible. Day were mean.

(oh my lorde). Yes you are right. But they were just making a bad choice by hurting Jesus. You know how you can  make good or bad choices? Well soldiers can make good or bad choices, and those soldiers made a bad choice. But the soldiers by us make good choices and keep us safe here. (and I should have just stopped there, but of course I continued since I just finished a child-soldier memoir book). There are some soldiers in other places that make bad choices and people aren’t safe. Like in Africa.

No no. Curious George is in Africa. Soldiers are dar. Day make good choices. Because Curious George lives in Africa. 

Curious George is pretend buddy. The soldiers and people in Africa are real.

NO HES REAL. Curious George is REEAL. 

No buddy, I’m so sorry but he’s pretend. An author thought kids would like to read books about a curious monkey named George and he thought of him in his imagination and then wrote books. And we love to read about himdon’t we. We find books about him at the library….

No no no. No. Is Africa real? Curious George is REEAL!

Buddy. Just don’t touch the powerlines. Then we’ll be fine.

Otay mommy.






he said