everyday. extravagant freedom

(almost) Everyday, this is a routine for us.

IMG_9080 IMG_9091

We grab the bike, wagon, water, snacks, and sand toys and take the 10min walk to our park. I’m pretty sure we know every bump in the sidewalk, and every driveway that is too “tippy” for Ethan to ride across. But once we arrive, it’s just food and fun.

IMG_9092 IMG_9097

Both of the kids love the swings. And both love them super high. I remember loving the swings as a kid, feeling like I would make it to the clouds. Watching our son live out the same activity, I savor the moment of making these memories for him as well.


It’s a extravagant freedom, to be able to watch my child play with such abandon. Reflecting on this regular routine, it becomes a holy responsibility…. creating moments of wonder with our kids to help them realize their purpose. Someday they will be held accountable for loving Jesus and loving others. So everyday, I teach them they are beautifully loved, no matter what. If God makes the sky so lovely, then he makes every person EVER AND FOREVER so lovely. So we find the beauty that was created in each person and thank Jesus for their life in His story.

IMG_9104 IMG_9110

The little moments all add up to one chapter, and then the chapters go by and collect into a life story. It seems like then it’s the end, but really it’s just the beginning. So right now, when we still need to feed and water our kids, it’s all in the little things. I’m so excited to see the many ways they will live out their purpose. May they continue to live bravely and with passionate freedom!