everyday. evy mows the lawn

The early evening magical backyard sunlight is now back!!! But more importantly….

This year we are proud to announce we are going to invest time and energy into our property. For the first time in the 4 years we have lived here, we finally have the ability to prioritize the lawn a little higher than, well, the last thing on our life list (figured we had to grow up sometime).

Now, this does NOT mean my complete and utter love for books and cleaning and cooking will translate into having a green thumb (I still kill anything in our yard by just looking at it. Except for weeds. They are immune to my charms. Truth). But it does mean our friend Nick is lending us his expertise and encouragement and we are (GASP) going to try to water the lawn. And even fertilize. And seed. And make an effort to encourage humans to run around on non-brown-prickly-grass somewhere around three years from now when all the hard-work finally pays off. So wish us luck!!

Oh. And Evy “mowed” with us for our first time this year and her first time ever. She is such an evening girl. The sunset was coming down and Ethan was already in bed. And she was out working. Yeeeeessss. Hi girl! You are too fun.

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