everyday. let’s practice rock climbing

Rock climbing. In our family adventure terms, that really just means walking on rocks. Not on a path. Using hands and feet to move yourself upward. Carrying the Evster when needed. Attempting not to freak out about every edge that would result in major injury (my problem with heights, the kids don’t seem to mind). Sooooo with our Colorado trip just around the corner, we grabbed a beautiful day and drove north just a bit to check out some rocks for practice!


Ethan did just fine. He was confident (perhaps too much so) and brazed the path for us.

IMG_8949 IMG_8950 IMG_8955 IMG_8969

Now. Evy….this was her first “rugged” experience and we haven’t quite figured her ability to gauge edges. So she required a bit more supervision.

IMG_8958 IMG_9003 IMG_9033IMG_9071

Ethan continued his skills of photography and got a photo of us….


And we all made it home alive with only a few scrapes and bruises. Success!

Oh, and during a “big feelings” moment for Ethan, I gave him a “time-in”. I cuddled him close and told him all the things I loved about him. And he relaxed into my lap, and it completely restarted his system. We have lots of big-emotions around here…..and here’s hoping love outweighs all the rest!

IMG_9056 IMG_9062 IMG_9059