everyday. kite made of paper and floss

When given open opportunities, children are naturally creative. They are easily content if provided a few basic ingredients. Frequent hugs and tackles and touch to show them they are precious. Kind words and smiles when they walk towards you. Consistency in our reactions. Sincere repentance when I mess up parenting life and show them how to respond to failure. Put it all together, and it creates a messy but beautiful life that we were all created to live together.


Ethan may have enjoyed a “real” kite. And I’m sure he would have. But he walked over to the bucket of paper, and started folding it….and then he found some tape….and asked for string (yes floss is our string)…..and then he asked to fly it. We told him he had to make it fly!! So he walked outside, and just started spinning.

IMG_8815 IMG_8822

He made it completely himself. No fancy stuff. Just some love and some thought. My hope is that Matt and I can live in such a way that demonstrates this contentment throughout our kiddos lives. May we be able to be creative and use our hands when we can. May we be content with simple and less, instead of being a constant consumer. May we demonstrate peace and joy over our intentional life choices that focuses on using our resources simply and wisely and giving away the rest to others. It’s not easy. But it is so fulfilling.

IMG_8834 IMG_8836

Thank you buddy for continuing to remind us why we were created. We love you.