everyday. and ethan can take a photo

So after totally and completely forgetting to take any photos at Evy’s dedication last weekend, I got out of the car totally bummed. We looked so cute dressed up, and now it was right before bed and the kids were clearly overstimulated and tired…..so a tripod would never work.

But we got out of the car and I asked Ethan, “Buddy, would you please take a quick photo of us with mommy’s big camera?”.


I was somewhat confident in this plan because E has taken 4 photos with my camera and they have turned out pretty well. But little did I know how much he has watched and memorized what I do. I also underestimated his skills of cause/effect (or develop/product) as applied to a new skill of photography.

So I set the camera settings up like I usually would for me, and I handed him my camera.

He lifted it up. Looked through the viewer. Paused. And click.


“There mama.”

Thank you buddy. Can you take one more? (assuming the first one didn’t turn out. But it TOTALLY DID when I looked later!!)


Um, just in case it didn’t turn out. You only took one photo and let’s try just one more.

“Sure.” Quickly lifted the camera and did a quick Click.


(he looks down at the preview.) “Dat one didn’t turn out. Try onn mor time.” Click.


(looks down at the preview). “Oh uh. Evy’s not in. I forgot Evy. One mor time.” (lifts the camera. lines up high eye to the viewer). Slowly moves the camera to the left. A little more. A little more. “Oh tay. Ders daddy, mommy, evy…”

Evy chimes in suddenly at this moment and says “chhheeeezzzzzz” (um WHERE DID SHE LEARN THAT?!?! I NEVER EVER make the kids say cheeze and she OFFERED it when E put up the camera?!? We are baffled by that one. BUT……that is why we are laughing so hard! True smiles and no tickling was needed!)

Click. Click. Click.

IMG_8810 IMG_8811 IMG_8812

(he looks down at the preview, slowly looks up with a HUGE grin, and says “dar you go mommy!”).

He knows. You guys. He totally gets it. He identifies blur and framing. At age 3. This is amazing. Thank you SO MUCH BUDDY for getting these photos of us! They will be a memory forever.