everyday. the e’s go to the symphony

This weekend we brought the kids to the symphony at the Ordway! We attended their free family concert, put on by the top youth orchestra in the cities, as well as a boy’s choir.


It was a sold-out show and it was totally worth it. The songs were incredible, and we were in good company. Most kids were between 1-5 years old in the audience and many families around us agreed they have no idea how long their kids were going to last! But the kids did amazing. Our’s lasted a total of 40minutes, with the first three songs being the best (we assumed 1 song or 10minutes, so it was a pleasant surprise that it was a bit longer!). The last 3 songs we had a very wiggly (er, hangry) Ethan and eventually left before the full concert ended.

IMG_8662 IMG_8665 IMG_8667 IMG_8670 IMG_8674 copy IMG_8677

Ethan loved finding all the instruments he knew from his Zin Zin Zin a Violin book (hands down the BEST book about orchestra instruments). Plus the auditorium was gorgeous to be in. We would absolutely go again!

IMG_8686 IMG_8693 IMG_8710 IMG_8711

A peak of their family concert…..