dear daughter. fifteen months


Dearest Evy

Hi little girl! You are 15 months old now!

Anything and everything outside is a joy for you! Chalk, balls, sand toys and wet sand (and anything Ethan is playing with). Bubbles are maybe your favorite thing right now. Nope, scratch that. Bubble containers are your favorite thing right now. You love to blow them, sure. But more than that you really just want to put the cap back on and off. You are a great walker, but man you LOVE to ride on things! The wagon is a guaranteed happy place for you. Burley rides, pushing you on a trike, and strollers too.

You are very vocal. Um. Ok. Honest moment. You scream. As in high pitched scream when you don’t get your way. You have started hitting and kicking, but the screaming. Oh girl and especially at Ethan when he just wants to help and you think he’s going to take something from you. You walk towards him and yell “NO” and push him away.But you love him just as fierce, giving him lots of hugs, tackles, and kisses.

Disciplining you has been a challenge as we have forgotten a bit how to work with a one year old. We continue to encourage you to make your own choices (and mistakes) and you are a quick learner. However, your PERSISTENCE in your opinion is difficult to redirect or adjust, so we find new ways to teach you to respect others.

You feed yourself with utensils. You eat most things we put on your plate. You sleep 7p-7am everynight after books with daddy and do a single hour nap around 1pm during the day. You also tell us when you need your diaper changed by signing it to us which has been a HUGE help.

You LOVE daycare and have moved to the toddler room this week! You play outside, learn songs and letters, sleep on a cot, dancing, playing in tunnels, build towers, and a ton of crafts. It’s wonderful to watch you learn and play with lots of kids!


We love how you smile and giggle when we chase you. You scrunch up your hands under your chin and with a single left dimple, you have the best giggle around.


You love to read books with us, pretend to feed a baby a bottle (or a real baby a real bottle!). You love to dance to music spinning around in a circle, and slide down slides at the big park.


You constantly give us THIS look. It’s perfect. It’s not a random shutter photo — it’s your face often when you try to communicate with us. You babble and babble, in actual phrases, and then give us this look. Then you wiggle your fingers to sign “please” and say “nnaahh??” all at the same time.


We love you so much little girl. Stay spicy and strong. Stay fierce and cuddly. You are such a wonderful joy to watch grow in our family!

love, dad and mom