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Look at these beautiful marbles.

IMG_7546 IMG_7547

More than 20 years ago, my dad MADE a marble track for us three girls. And I remember playing with it for hours and hours for many years. Now, a generation later, my kids are playing with the same papa-made-marble-race-track. AND the same marbles. The ones with the little chips that clunk down instead of sliding down — my brain and fingertips had crazy memories come flooding back. And at the time of these photos, my sisters and I were all together talking (or yelling over the noise) of my kids doing these marbles! What comes around goes around.

IMG_7570 IMG_7583

Ethan and Evy were introduced to it for the first time this spring. TWO HOURS of NONSTOP playing with this thing. It’s a combo of the texture of the marbles, the sounds they make when you rub them together, the ability to separate out different colors. And of course the desire to eventually line the ENTIRE track with marbles and then see what happens! A simple single pop sickle stick does the trick to hold them in place…..

IMG_7589 IMG_7592 IMG_7605 IMG_7619

The noise that this makes when you let it go…….WOH. After 2 hours you go a bit deaf for a while. No joke.