companions. then there were nine

For the FIRST TIME EVER, this weekend provided the opportunity to have all NINE of us together for photos. 9 months ago, we were all together for about 4 hours….and prior to that was Holidays 2014. So when we all hung out for a day, I knew we’d need to update the legacy photos and soooo……

IMG_7471 IMG_7538 IMG_7520 IMG_7403

Now the all-NINE family photo was a 2minute SPRINT. Mostly because I didn’t have a remote for the tripod with me. And thus I had to jot from camera to pose….the problem is the 10 second timer was waaaayyyyy too long for our kids to sit still and attempt to look. So I did the 2 second timer, and literally JUMPED from camera to pose. It ended up being so hilarious that everyone had real smiles for the photos! Now, of the 12 that I tried, about 10 of them had me in VERY awkward positing (um, remember the jumping to my place?!), so here are the two that are the keepers.

IMG_7443 IMG_7447

And our little guy wanted to try to take a hand-held group photo too with my good camera!! Not too bad!


Now — Christina’s photos of our family were FABULOUS. Of course except for the real two toddlers that were so totally into this moment……ha. um, no. (aaaaand this is the stress of portrait photography I just can’t handle. ugh. But look look look!! A few super cute ones for our book and our walls. I’ll take it!)

IMG_7495 IMG_7503 IMG_7505IMG_7508

Now. While the camera was out, we did some combo’s of course just for kicks and giggles.

IMG_7531IMG_7416 IMG_7456 IMG_7429IMG_7408

And I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got a few of my parents!! Now I’ll get a full set sometime with warm weather (24 degrees in April is just not acceptable people. lorde). But I loved these. It captures them perfectly!

IMG_7479 copy IMG_7481 copy IMG_7482 copy IMG_7485 IMG_7488 copy