everyday. the blur of ethan this spring

From an early age, we have encouraged our kids to explore and be adventurous (6 months old and crawling, yup, you fall down stairs if you try it that way….). We are both cause-and-effect people and it overflows into this area of parenting. We have other areas we are non-negotiable (respect, safety of others, you eat the food placed on your plate), but we don’t have a large worry of illness or injury with them, which results in some great freedoms for them (er, quite a few bumps and scrapes) and for us (minimal micromanaging for activities!). We feel like every family picks and chooses for what is best for them, and adventure is ours!

But FOR REAL — Ethan’s level of adventure and equality of safety is now almost matched, so this will be very interesting as he continues to become older….This spring with a 3.5 year old is a wee-bit different than last year. Well. He is still climbing and jumping and racing, but we feel like the velocity has increased.


In just a matter of an afternoon, without any assistance from us, he was in trees, jumping from the deck, racing down the driveway, and running everywhere! (um, totally faster than I can by the way).

IMG_7221 IMG_7227 IMG_7230 IMG_7234

He jumps off of EVERYTHING. It’s terrifying and impressive all at once. He seems recognize this boundary pretty well, but the heights have been slowly increasing as time has passed.


But this one was the new one.

He has raced down the driveway in various bikes, trikes, and scooters. But for the first time this weekend, he realized he can “skateboard” with the little Evy scooter. We DID NOT (I promise) tell him to do this or show him it. He just did it. After about 5minutes of Matt nervously watching this, he suggested a helmet (which was wise since he prompted wiped out and hit his head (now protected) on the sidewalk. So all ended well. Phew. Our ER visits savings are still intact)


You gotta see it to believe it….