everyday. evy babbles and reads

Evy’s ability to independently and creatively role-play play constantly astounds us. Perhaps it was because Ethan had such a different play pattern than Evy (likely a combo of genetics, birth order, gender, and personality quirks — we find it impossible to blame or claim one certain thing so we just bunch it all together!). But Evy will sit and play. And play. And read. And pretend. And read some more.


Oh and babble. Did I mention she just sits and babbles to herself?!

This week I was finally able to sneak in a video! See if you can catch her words. Right away she makes the sucking sound for the baby (#heartmeltmoment). She constantly babbles. So much talking. She has a few in there that I caught that matched her actions — She says “baba” (bottle 0:28), “nighnigh” (night-night 0:29), “here you go” (2:03 she says it three times in a row)

You’ll just need to believe me when I say I’ll read her 15 books in a row and repeat them and she’ll sit and read for 20minutes straight. Previous to her, I had HEARD of little toddlers that did that but I totally did not actually believe them. Ethan will now read for 45minutes with me around 15 books (longer stories = rejoice!!) but it was closer to age he started that.

Even better. She’ll sit and read books. To. Her. Self. (although since my love of books is over the top, it is one of my favorite activities to do WITH the kids!)

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